Welcome to INKAPLUS

INKAPLUS is a company dedicated to the production, elaboration, manufacturing and sale of natural raw materials such as medicinal plants and organic products from our country (PERU), as well as fruits and cereals.

At Inkaplus we manufacture natural botanical extracts from herbs found in the Peruvian jungle and the Andes cordillera. Our raw materials are: maca, soursop, camu camu, quinoa, dragon's blood, boldo, yacón, cat's claw, achiote, agracejo, artichoke, anise, borage, charming centaury, carqueja, barley, lemon verbena, stone breaker, chuchuhuasi, horsetail, dandelion, eucalyptus, guava, hercampuri, spearmint, lemon grass, huamanpinta, flaxseed, ribwort plantain, malva, manayupa, chamomile, matico, peppermint, Peruvian pepper tree, nettle, epazote, pasuchaca, pimpinella, lungwort, rosemary, salvia, senna, green tea, thyme, lemon balm, valerian, Peruvian ground apple, sarsaparilla, among others. All of these products are then processed into their own respective final products ready for consumption.